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Առանձնատուն Ջրվեժում private house in Jrvezh - Տների վարձակալություն - List.am

Վերաշինված ու նոր վերանորոգված առանձնատուն Ջրվեժում /գյուղ, 5-րդ մասիվից 3 րոպե մեքենայով/: - 2-հարկանի առանձնատուն 5

Posted by Lilitu Kocharyan on 24 May 2019, 11:28

Theresa May announces her resignation

Theresa May announces her resignation

Prime minister bows to party pressure and draws three-year premiership to a close

Posted by Lilitu Kocharyan on 24 May 2019, 09:51

1.5 million signature update

1.5 million signature update

The petition has officially reached over 1.5 million signatures! Absolutely incredible. If you have not read the “About the petition” update, please do so. It clarifies the petition in a way that has not been reported enough. I have still not been contacted by HBO or any affiliate. They probably...

Posted by Lilitu Kocharyan on 23 May 2019, 13:26


Anonymous comes to town: the hackers who took on high school sexual assault in Ohio – documentary

Steubenville, Ohio, was once best known for high school sports and as the birthplace of Dean Martin. But when a teenage girl was sexually assaulted by two members of the football team, the shadowy hacker group Anonymous caught wind of the story and decided to intervene

Posted by Lilitu Kocharyan on 20 May 2019, 17:14

Yerevan Judge Halts March 1, 2008 Case and Calls for Constitutional Court Review

Judge Davit Grigoryan, who released ex-Armenian President Robert Kocharyan from pre-trial detention on May 18, today halted the entire court case reviewing the post-election protests of March 2008 and has sent the matter to Armenia’s...

Posted by Lilitu Kocharyan on 20 May 2019, 16:44

A heavily-armed US carrier strike group has moved into position near Iran as tensions mount

The carrier strike group is moving closer to Iran as the US sends loads of firepower to deter a possible Iranian attack on US interests.

Posted by Lilitu Kocharyan on 18 May 2019, 07:21

How Donald Trump Shifted Kids-Cancer Charity Money Into His Business

Donald Trump is one of the least charitable billionaires in the world. Eric Trump is far more altruistic. In a clash of values, the president directed hundreds of thousands of dollars from his son's kids-with-cancer foundation into his company coffers.

Posted by Lilitu Kocharyan on 17 May 2019, 20:51

Broccoli sprout compound may restore brain chemistry imbalance linked to schizophrenia -…

Sulforaphane, a compound derived from broccoli sprouts, may be a useful new treatment for those suffering from schizophrenia. In a recent set of animal and human studies, researchers characterized novel chemical imbalances in the brain related to glutamate. Levels of glutamate, they discovered, can....

Posted by Lilitu Kocharyan on 17 May 2019, 19:54

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